Please send your Resume/CV and Cover Letter to:
Bourbon County Judge's Office
Bourbon County Courthouse
301 Main Street #203
Paris, KY 40361
Deadline: Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Please see Job Description below:

Job Description
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (part time position)
Reports to: Tourism Commission Board
(pursuant to KRS 91A.350 through KRS 91A.390
City of Paris, Kentucky, ordinance no. 92-20
County of Bourbon, Kentucky, ordinance no. 92-09-10-92)
Purpose: To perform all advertising, marketing, financial and administrative tasks as
specified in this job description as well as any other duties assigned by the Parisbourbon
County Tourism Commission Board.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
* Knowledge and understanding of computers, social media and the internet;
* Knowledge of word processing (WORD or Pages), spreadsheets (Excel or Numbers),
and programs used to create brochures in house;
* Telephone etiquette;
* Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers,
officials of our community, other agencies and the general public;
* Ability to make adequate and appropriate use of telephone or email for technical
*Ability to record, convey and present information, explain procedures and follow
* Understanding of local, state and federal laws as they apply to the business of the
Paris-Bourbon County Tourism Commission; and
* Knowledge of Paris and Bourbon County history and locations of interest.
Education, Licensure, Certification required for entry into position:
* This position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with a course of studies
applicable to the duties of the Tourism Commission Director; successful
employment in a related field may be approved for substitution on a year-by-year
basis upon determination of the Paris-Bourbon County Tourism Commission
* A background check is required for this position; and
* A driver’s license and mode of transportation is required for this position.

* Daily and monthly financial duties include: pay all Tourism Commission bills in a timely
manner; deposit receipts into account; prepare weekly payroll checks; keep
Tourism Commission’s checkbook balanced at all time; reconcile the checkbook
to the bank statement each month; maintain payroll information; keep receipts
and invoices for all bills paid on file; and produce requested financial reports for
each tourism Commission meeting.
* Quarterly financial duties include: prepare quarterly tax forms and pay quarterly taxes
to the Internal Revenue Service, the state of Kentucky, the Bourbon County
Treasurer and the Paris City Treasure (this may be accomplished with the help of
a CPA); at the end of each quarter, make sure that all properties have paid
quarterly bed tax, and if not, follow up with letter or phone call. It is this position’s
responsibility to ensure all bed taxes are paid and may enlist the assistance of
the County Attorney as necessary.
* Annual financial duties include: prepare w-2 forms at the end of the year; keep
certificate of authority at the bank up to date; handle all IRS correspondence and
paperwork; prepare information and spreadsheets for a financial audit when
required and create an annual budget for discussion and approval by the Tourism
Commission. These duties may be accomplished with CPA assistance.
* Seek out and apply for grants to expand the funding sources and levels of the

Advertising and Marketing
* Develop long term and short term advertising and marketing strategies and present
advertising proposals in keeping with these strategies to the Tourism
Commission; prepare ads for various publications and submit them prior to ad
deadlines; write and submit editorial copy to run with ads for publications when
needed and write miscellaneous press releases on Tourism Commission
meetings and local attractions and events.
* Represent the Commission on the Regional Matching Funds Committee (aka
Bluegrass Regional Tourism) and attend meetings regularly; prepare and submit
the Application for Funds and the Requests for Reimbursement forms along with
the supporting documentation for the state Matching Funds program each year
prior to the deadlines; make changes, corrections and additions as needed of
the regional brochure, the regional website, the state tourism website and the
annual Getaway Guide.
* Prepare copy, photos and layout for the Tourism Commission’s website and keep the
website updated. This may be accomplished with the assistance of a webmaster,
funds permitting and with approval of Tourism Commission Board.
* Design the general brochure; this includes writing all the copy for the brochure, doing
the layout, proofing the copy and getting bids for printing; prepare the copy for
the brochure insert and have it printed each year and prepare other brochures
and printed materials as needed or as instructed by the Tourism Commission

* Keep regular office hours as posted unless absence from the office is necessary to
attend a meeting or run Tourism Commission errands; answer phone, walk in and
email inquiries; handle all correspondence for the Tourism Commission including
annual letters to city and county governments requesting funds; keep track of
state and local tourism materials and reorder when needed; keep local and state
outlets stocked with the Tourism commission’s general brochure - this includes
the Kentucky Horse Park and the six state Welcome Centers (AdRack), and the
kiosks located in Paris and Bourbon County.
* Keep Tourism Commission records on file and available to the public in compliance
with Kentucky’s open records law.
* Place notice of upcoming meetings in the local newspaper to comply with Kentucky’s
open meetings law.
* Prepare agenda and other supporting documentation for regular Tourism Commission

Public Contact
* Represent the county on the Bluegrass Regional THRAC Committee and host the
Regional Matching Funds Committee when called upon.
* Serve on planning committees for local events as community outreach.
* Set up a table or booth at local and state events, as guided by the Tourism
Commission Board;