Bourbon County, Kentucky

Bourbon County is proud to be home to Kentucky’s oldest continuously owned Thoroughbred farm in addition to some of the world’s most state-of-the-art equine facilities. The legendary Secretariat was one of many historic horses to call Paris and Bourbon County home. Dozens of other storied retired racehorses also currently live in Bourbon County. Be sure to explore many of our picturesque equine farms to see such racing legends up close!

Bourbon County—“Don’t just visit the City of Paris but also enjoy other treasures throughout historic Bourbon County! Bourbon County is home to beautiful horse farms, expansive golf courses, one of Kentucky’s oldest drive-in theaters and so much more!”

Bourbon County is what remains of a previously much larger Bourbon County, established as part of Virginia in 1785, and comprising what are now thirty-four modern Kentucky counties. The area later became known as Old Bourbon in reference to its historical expanse. It was originally part of the French province of Louisiana, then after 1763 became part of Virginia, but was transferred to the newly formed Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1792. The county is best known for its historical association with bourbon whiskey and the equine industry. 


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